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Fate willed it that Eva Hoserová (1978) was born in Prague, a city of culture and art. Eva has uncommon origins that endowed her with the passion, sparkle, temperament, and volatility of the European south (her mother is half Bulgarian and half Greek Macedonian), as well as an eye for detail, industriousness, and above all love for beauty and art, all this rooted in central and northern Europe (her father is Czech with some German blood). She grew up in the Prague quarter of Vinohrady, where she would inevitably encounter prominent personalities of the Czech cultural scene. This, and her mother’s love of the arts, inspired her to attend an adult arts school for five years, from 1985. This course of study gave her a thorough grounding in the arts, where she specialized in pen, pencil, and graphite drawing, and led to her painting in oils.

As her work was highly praised by her many friends and acquaintances, her pictures were very rapidly given away or sold. This experience led her to the firm decision to pursue this activity and abandon what she had done before, namely marketing.

Eva now devotes all her time to her greatest passions: beauty, art, painting. Now creation can become art if it has soul. All art must have soul, otherwise it ceases to be art. Eva puts all of hers into every piece of her art. Passion puts the finishing touches to her paintings. This emotional aspect is accompanied by an eye for detail.

The principal features of these pictures are people. As the artist says, ‘People are to me an inexhaustible source of knowledge, love, disenchantment and hope – in brief, life as it is.’ The people inspiring her arouse passions and emotions which Eva passes in her very special way to us all.

Eve was the only woman to be able to taste the magic of paradise before being driven out from it. The art of Eva Hoserová conveys an abundance of feelings, joy and beauty. You only have to look inside ...

May you have a rewarding experience !